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Every forward lunge was met with a cry of passion, a needy desperate moan, and wild sensual writhing. Eben drove in harder and deeper. He had never has such a responsive partner and it drove him insane with desire. He was nearly hypnotized by every wild toss of Randy’s head and the way the doctor’s face gave in to each moment of pleasure. It was intoxicating.

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He scooted back a bit while keeping his weight on his own knees as he leaned down, kissed the inside of each pale thigh, and rubbed his hands up and down Luke’s sides. He left a trail of warm breath behind him as he came back up and found a hipbone just waiting to be licked. Zach could feel Luke moving restlessly and grinned to himself. He knew that he had been right about his little wildcat. “The only pleasing you need to worry about, darlin’,” he whispered while nuzzling Luke’s navel, “is the way I’m going to please you right now.”

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