Sometimes, life can be very enigmatic. Alex Anderson was enjoying a career as a biochemist until the writing bug bit and life hasn’t been the same since. Always an avid reader, Alex was thoroughly immersed in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Enjoying the “Lord of the Rings” books and movie trilogy and wanting more out of the genre led to reading Tolkien fan fiction. Soon after, Anderson decided to write gay fiction and now does it full time.

Alex’s first book was Possession of Truth, which was published electronically in 2009. Since then, Anderson has co-written Wicked Game (2010) and its sequel, Playing for Keeps, which will be published in 2012. Alex has also written numerous short stories for Joy Boy Island, a fictional Caribbean island setting where homosexuality is accepted.

“I had a lot of fun weaving the suspense and drama in Possession of Truth as well as making sure the novel was entertaining and easy to read,” Anderson said. “In fact, fans from multiple genres, including gay fiction, romance and murder-mystery, will enjoy it.”

Anderson was born on Feb. 25, 1968 in Norwich, Conn., and is the older of two children. Alex graduated in 1991 from the Connecticut College with a degree in zoology specializing in genetics and molecular biology followed by graduate work in biochemistry and entomology at Rutgers University. Anderson currently resides in Verona, Wisconsin.

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