Possession of Truth Cover Possession of Truth (2011) Eben Foster, a seasoned FBI agent, is after a cruel and sadistic serial killer with a lust for torturing and murdering gay men. All of the victims are former patients of Dr. Randy McQuaide, a prominent psychologist practicing sex therapy on Anteros Island, and all had accused the doctor of sexual misconduct. Agent Foster goes undercover on the island. As the investigation progresses, Eben finds himself drawn to the handsome man and, against his better judgment, he begins to doubt the doctor’s guilt. Caught in a battle between his heart and his mind, will Eben become the killer’s next victim?
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Wicked Game Cover Wicked Game (2011) What began as a simple game of sexual conquest four years earlier soon spirals out of control for three young men celebrating their college graduation on Anteros Island. Reno, Jonah, and Zach have nothing more on their minds than having a good time and winning the game. That quickly changes when their targets turn out to be more than simple game pieces. As each player falls into the clutches of such a wicked game, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will win but one thing is certain, their lives will be changed forever.
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Wicked Game Companion Cover Wicked Game Companion (2012) In Wicked Game, our favorite players enjoy several drinks that are not only fun but also make an impact on their lives in unexpected ways. In the Wicked Game Companion, we offer the recipes for the drinks mentioned in the book. As a bonus, we’ve included a short story titled Hot Fudge & Handcuffs. There are two things that are sure to make Sam wild with desire. One is chocolate and another is Reno. Much to Sam’s surprise, Reno introduces him to a third thing… handcuffs. What happens when a bored Reno visits Sam in his hotel room? It’s nothing but sweet and dirty fun.

Short stories and Novellas

  • Crime and Consequence (2007)
  • Depraved? (2007)
  • Kestrel (2007)
  • Luigi’s Song (2007)
  • Lunch Break (2007)
  • Poker Night (2007)
  • Repair and Maintenance at the Paradise Cove Motel (2007)
  • Routine Transfer (2007)
  • Playing With Fire (2007)
  • First Date (2007)
  • Second Date (2007)
  • Know Your Enemies (2008)
  • Real Date (2008)
  • Whispers of Love (2008)
  • Dangerous Desire (2009)
  • From Russia With… (2010)
  • Concierge Service (2010)
  • Wicked Game Companion (2012)


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