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Apr 152012

I finally finished reading the Hunger Games and loved it!  The pacing was just right.  It was slow enough that I could savor the story but fast enough to keep me interested in the plot and on the edge of my seat. Every page was vivid, adventure-filled, and packed with suspense. As you can guess by now, I hate having to wait for things to happen in a story.

I like to think that Wicked Game is the same way.  Reno, Zach, and Jonah are not spending a leisurely graduation vacation abroad doing nothing but relaxing.  They become embroiled in a competitive game against each other and, since it’s their last outing before settling into the “real world” they are all playing to win.  The pace is fast and the plot is gripping.  The pawns in the game have their own complicated lives and that doesn’t make things easy for Reno, Zach, and Jonah.

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Apr 012012

Even though I like to relax on weekends, I’ve been busy working on Riptide!  Riptide is going to be the next book that I publish.  I have a lot of projects in the works right now but Riptide is the closest to being done.  It’s in the final edit!

Riptide is a compilation of my JoyBoy Island stories based on a lifeguard named Jason Phillip.  His last name was originally Phillips but, as I was developing the story, I also started playing Second Life.  The last name Phillip was available so I made a Jason Phillip and changed my character to match.  Phillips is more of a last name but Phillip is more unusual so I’m pleased.

Jason’s story encompasses five three to seven chaptered stories that relate how Jason and Bryce met and fell in love.  When I first started writing it, the story was supposed to be a stand-alone and it was barely seven pages long.  The book is currently over 700 pages long!  Somehow the story took on a life of its own.

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Vague Pronoun Reference

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Feb 132012

Back to the topic of vague pronoun reference, a topic that is near and dear to my temper… er… heart.

Vague pronoun reference may also be caused by either a hidden or non-existent antecedent.  Randy called Eben’s phone but he didn’t answer.  The he definitively refers to Eben but the only two nouns are Randy and the phone, which has no capability of answering by itself.  (I wish my phone would do that!)

The solutions are the same as when too many antecedents are used: either substitute a noun for the pronoun or rework the sentence. Randy called Eben’s phone but Eben didn’t answer or Randy called Eben but no one answered the telephone.  These grammatical mistakes are fairly easy to fix and anyone who wants to write well should take the time to do so!

Fur Seal on Paulet Island

Fur Seal on Paulet Island

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Book Signing 2

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Feb 102012

I had my book signing last night!  Wow!  It was incredible.  There were only about a dozen people but they asked interesting (and sometimes unexpected) questions about Wicked Game and the writing process.  What surprised me the most, though, was how many people want to know about me.  Perhaps I had a preconceived notion that people are only interested in the book- the plot, the characters, the messages.  I’d say it was about 50% book and 50% me.  I had a lot of fun and hope to schedule another one soon.

Gentoo Penguins, Brown Bluff, Antarctica

Gentoo Penguins, Brown Bluff, Antarctica

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Vague Pronoun Reference Part 1

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Feb 062012

Vague pronoun reference is a grammatical error that really bothers me.  Almost as much as dangling participles and modifiers.  Each pronoun should clearly refer to one and only one antecedent in each sentence.

John bought a deluxe cheeseburger and he ate it.  In this sentence he clearly refers to John and it to the deluxe cheeseburger.  (I’m making myself hungry…)

Too many antecedents in one sentence is one cause of vague pronoun reference.  Jason and Bryce went to the jewelry store and he had a hard selecting an engagement ring.  He can refer to either Jason or Bryce.  Even though the reader can probably discern if it’s Jason or Bryce from context, the sentence is still wrong.

One solution is to substitute the pronoun for the specific noun although that can add redundancy to the sentence. Jason and Bryce went to the jewelry store and Bryce had a hard selecting an engagement ring.  Another option is to re-work the sentence so as to remove the vagueness.  Bringing Jason, Bryce went to the jewelry store and he had a hard selecting an engagement ring or Jason and Bryce went to the jewelry store and they had a hard selecting an engagement ring.

Both these options are grammatically correct.  I feel that vague pronoun reference is something a good writer should avoid and/or take the time to correct.

Iceberg by Gibbs Island

Iceberg by Gibbs Island

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Book Signing!

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Jan 302012

Things with Wicked Game are really moving along.  Sales have been good and I have a book signing scheduled!  I am really excited.  Wicked Game is such a fun story that I think everyone should read it.  I am looking forward to meeting more of my readers in the Madison area.

Bust of Captain Luis Pardo who rescued Ernest Shackleton’s men on Point Wilde, Elephant Island

Bust of Captain Luis Pardo who rescued Ernest Shackleton’s men on Point Wilde, Elephant Island


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Interview With the Verona Press

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Jan 192012

This past Monday, January 16th, 2012, I had an interview with the Verona Press.  They are going to be running an article on the recent publication of Wicked Game.  I met the reporter, Mike T., at The Sow’s Ear in Verona.  The Sow’s Ear is a combined yarn store and coffee shop.  I purchased a cup of black tea and then promptly found Mike.  He was the only man sitting in the shop and had a copy of Wicked Game strategically displayed on the table.  I promptly sat down and introduced myself.

It was a really nice interview and Mike is someone I would be proud to know.  He’s friendly and down-to-earth while still being a good investigator.  He asked me questions about who I am, on why I write gay fiction, the personalities of the characters, and whether there are any hidden emotions in the book.  (The answer to that last question is “no.”  Wicked Game is a suspense-filled fast-paced adventure on a tropical island focused on three young men playing a dangerous game.)

I left the interview happy that I had a chance to meet Mike and discuss my book with him.  He’s a very nice person.  I look forward to the publication of the article.

Godthul Harbor on South Georgia Island

Godthul Harbor on South Georgia Island



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Wicked Game in Print!

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Jan 152012

I probably should have mentioned this earlier but Wicked Game is now in print!  I have to admit that there’s very little in life that’s as satisfying to a writer as to hold one’s own book in hand.

Wicked Game is a fast-paced story about three recent college grads who visit Anteros Island to celebrate their graduation and entry into the “real world”.  Reno is an architect, from a wealthy family, who has a job lined up with a prestigious New York City firm.  Zach is a Texan whose father is the local sheriff and he hopes to continue the tradition by becoming a deputy in his father’s department.  Jonah, who frequently has to mediate between the other two dominant personalities, is a psychology major headed to graduate school.

Reno and Zach competed throughout college and they decide to play out one last “game” on the island.  This time, the outcome is like nothing any of them ever expected.  The story is “edge-of-your-seat” to see who wins the game and how the boys handle the tables being turned on them.

Drinking a toast to ‘The Boss’, Ernest Shackleton at Grytviken, South Georgia Island with Rick, the sexy historian

Drinking a toast to ‘The Boss’, Ernest Shackleton at Grytviken, South Georgia Island with Rick, the sexy historian


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The End of JoyBoy Island

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Jan 092012

A joyful welcome to all my new JoyBoy visitors!

As of January 1, 2012, the JoyBoy Island website was shut down.  A myriad of different and conflicting emotions run through me when I think of this.  JoyBoy Island was a fictitious Caribbean island where homosexuality was open, accepted, and considered the status quo.

It’s the setting for the majority of my stories because my works deal with gay characters living a normal life rather than the experience of being gay.  Writing and being one of the owners of JoyBoy turned me into a successful professional writer and led me to a fulfilling career!

Why did it have to end?  As writers, my partners and I evolved and, in my opinion, we outgrew JoyBoy.  Instead of dragging it on and writing uninteresting material, we decided to end the website.  I’m excited by the prospect of working on my novels but saddened by the end of the website that led to something really great: my writing!

Update: Riptide, a novel based on my largest JoyBoy Island story, is in editing.  I hope to have it published this spring!!

Reindeer on South Georgia Island

Reindeer on South Georgia Island

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New Year’s Resolutions

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Jan 052012

Greetings my friends and Happy New Year!  I wish you all the best in the coming year.  I will be spending the day cleaning the place and cheering on the Packers!  GoPackGo!  This year I have quite a few resolutions…

  1. Edit.  Edit.  Edit some more!  I have three completed novels that need editing.  I want to get those out to you as soon as possible.
  2. Now that JoyBoy Island has ended, I want to find ways of getting my work out to readers that never experienced JBI.
  3. Write the sequel to Possession of Truth.  I have the plot outlined.  Now, I just need a block of free time to get going.  Anybody know where those are sold?
  4. Develop a new Bloody Mary recipe.  I have two so far, the Perfect Bloody Mary and the Caribbean Bloody Mary.  As I am a Bloody Mary lover, this is tantamount to successful writing!
  5. Reach out to more of my readers.  I love hearing from all of you.
Salisbury Plain

Penguins and Fur Seals on Salisbury Plain, South Georgia Island


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