Apr 092012

Good morning everyone and happy Easter to all those that celebrate. We do not celebrate a religious Easter but enjoy some of the more secular traditions like coloring Easter eggs and eating a ham, which more popular in the United States than in the rest of the world.

In the past, meat was slaughtered in the fall.  Since there was no refrigeration, any fresh pork that wasn’t slated for consumption during the winter months, was cured for spring. The curing process takes a certain amount of time so, the first hams would start to be ready in spring and ham was a natural choice for Easter dinner.

I have colored Easter eggs every year since childhood.  My favorite was making swirled eggs.  Drops of an oil-based dye are put in a bowl of water and swirled to make interesting designs.  Since the color is oil based, it doesn’t dissolve. The eggs are dipped in the water and the color stick to them in a swirled pattern.

This method was never immensely popular in the US but my mother loved it and taught my sister and I. Eventually we ran out of color and couldn’t find any more in the stores so we had to stop. In the past few years, I’ve seen the method make a resurgence so I’ve stocked up on color again!


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