Jan 052012

Greetings my friends and Happy New Year!  I wish you all the best in the coming year.  I will be spending the day cleaning the place and cheering on the Packers!  GoPackGo!  This year I have quite a few resolutions…

  1. Edit.  Edit.  Edit some more!  I have three completed novels that need editing.  I want to get those out to you as soon as possible.
  2. Now that JoyBoy Island has ended, I want to find ways of getting my work out to readers that never experienced JBI.
  3. Write the sequel to Possession of Truth.  I have the plot outlined.  Now, I just need a block of free time to get going.  Anybody know where those are sold?
  4. Develop a new Bloody Mary recipe.  I have two so far, the Perfect Bloody Mary and the Caribbean Bloody Mary.  As I am a Bloody Mary lover, this is tantamount to successful writing!
  5. Reach out to more of my readers.  I love hearing from all of you.
Salisbury Plain

Penguins and Fur Seals on Salisbury Plain, South Georgia Island



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