Jul 152012

Greetings, friends.  My partner and I just returned from the North Pole!  It was a spectacular trip that can truly be described as a ‘trip of a lifetime’!  Standing on the top of the planet was a thrilling experience.

The trip started in Helsinki, Finland.  We then flew to Murmank, Russia, where we experienced Russian bureaucracy first hand.  It’s all about jobs there.  If four people can do the job of one, then three more people are not unemployed.  It’s no wonder vodka is so popular.

In Murmansk we boarded the nuclear icebreaker 50 Years of Victory which took us directly to the North Pole.  We have a picture of the GPS reading 90° 00.000’.  Because the Arctic ice cap is not anchored to land, it’s constantly flowing on the Arctic Ocean so even though we stopped the ship, our latitude changed after a few minutes.

We had a barbecue at the North Pole and also went on a tethered balloon flight.  I get vertigo so I was pretty nervous but I did it!  We spent almost a full day at the North Pole before heading south.  On the way back we stopped at Franz Josef Land for a day and a half and then headed back to Murmansk.

North Pole Barbecue

North Pole Barbecue


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