May 102012

In what I see as a stunning turn of events, President Obama has stated that he is in support of gay marriage.  I am really surprised.  In the past three years, I’ve felt that Obama was paying lip service to the issue of gay rights and marriage equality.  In truth, I felt he was personally against those things.

When the issue of DADT came up, I felt that he repealed it on September 20, 2011 only because his party, his supporters, and his constituents demanded it of a Democratic president.  His response to gay issues always seemed half-hearted and fake.

This time President Obama’s response seems genuine and heartfelt.  His statement that related the issue to his daughters’ classmates having same-sex parents and how those parents shouldn’t be treated differently in the eyes of the law is simple, powerful, and indisputable.  All people, regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation are equal under the Constitution!

As someone on Twitter said so perfectly and I retweeted, it feels as though, with his support of gay marriage, Obama has become the true president that we elected three years ago!


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