May 212012

I watched part of the sentencing of Dharun Ravi who was convicted of spying on and intimidating his gay roommate, who then killed himself by jumping off New York’s George Washington Bridge.  Ravi was also convicted of various other charges encompassing trying to cover up his crime and avoiding repercussions.  See my earlier blog for my thoughts on the trial.

Unfortunately, I missed the hearing the Clementi statements.  I joined the live broadcast when Dharun Ravi’s mother was speaking.  “Dharun’s dreams have been shattered and he has been living in hell for the past twenty months…” she said.  She also made various other statements about how Dharun has been victimized by the media and has suffered for it.

I can’t help but feel that Dharun being victimized by the media is karma.  He victimized Tyler Clementi by using electronic media.  Not once did she speak about Dharun feeling bad, guilty, remorseful, or even apologetic for what happened.  She was more concerned about what happened to her son, not about what her son inflicted on another human being.

Ravi did not speak on his behalf.  At the end, I was left with the feeling that he still truly believes that his actions were not criminal.  I’m happy he got some jail time but am more pleased that the prosecutor is appealing for more jail time.


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  1. Just hate reading these type of opionnis so I would like to express why I think the exact opposite. Although, I am not surprised since the media keeps telling the same false story over and over again. Here are the facts: The media keeps saying he videotaped his roommate (with his 30 something online teenage predator) having sex, not true he set up a webcam (yes he was wrong, but not ten years in prison wrong) but when he and Molly watched what was on the webcam in Molly Wei’s room, they saw the men kiss and Molly and Ravi immediately turned it off knowing it was wrong. Media keeps stating that he set up the camera a second time in a friend’s room, ok, but it was proven in court that Ravi’s friend wanted to see what was going on there , which didn’t work anyway because Tyler saw the camera and turned it off. Did Ravi feel peer pressure from his friend to turn it on, maybe, but does that warrant ten years in prison??It never worked! If he was that curious to watch the two men kissing , he would have watched it the first time, but no he felt too uncomfortable. And why wasn’t Dharun’s friend charged? He too should take some blame. During the trial, the 30 something online teenage predator stated that he saw the camera pointing at him, but didn’t say anything or do anything maybe he liked the idea of possibly being taped or watched, he had to be a pervert by showing up at a dorm and having sex with a young teenage freshman anyway. Also, Why was MB the 30 something online teenage predator protected from being seen and portrayed as a victim? Had Tyler been only one year younger, this 30 something online teenage predator would be charged with statutory rape. He has no business being there at the college dorm. Another important fact that hasn’t been raised enough, since the media keeps portraying Ravi as the devil, is that Tyler’s mother rejected Tyler when he told her he was gay several days before college started. She was clearly devastated as proven by Tyler’s own words online. He was close to his mother and wanted her to be ok with it, and she wasn’t . That must have been very painful to him. Also, there was the evidence that was not allowed in trial, such as a suicide note. I would bet a lot that his mother was mentioned and Ravi wasn’t even an issue. This case amazes me more and more because the media has made up a story that just didn’t happen. There was no videotape, there was no filming , there was no party to watch! It was teenagers being stupid, saying stupid things and showing off like teenagers do. Yes, there was a lot of electronic messaging with horrible prejudice, but if every teenager’s text messages were read to the public like these were, then the majority of teens would be in big trouble. Unfortunately kids make fun of other kids and behind their backs. It was wrong, but not criminal. I only hope more and more media outlets explain what happened, what the trial was really about, then Ravi would be able to move on and have a normal life. He screwed up, but he doesn’t deserve the media making up lies about him while the whole world believes it.

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