Jul 222012

Visiting the North Pole was a trip that I’ve wanted to take since I discovered a few years ago that people could actually go there.  It wasn’t a travel goal that I had for decades and that required multiple trips to achieve like visiting all seven continents.

I currently have two travel goals.  One is to see all the species of penguins and I’m about halfway done with that.  The other is to plunge into all five oceans of the world.  At the North Pole I was able to check off the Arctic Ocean.

The water temperature was -1° Celsius but that’s what makes it a polar plunge!  I loved it!  Unlike when I jumped into the Southern Ocean in Antarctica, the air temperature at the North Pole was a little above freezing.  Downright balmy and comfortable after they give you a shot of vodka when you get out!

I just have the Indian Ocean left.  On the ship I met a wonderful fellow from Perth, Australia, who invited us down to visit.  Perth is on the Indian Ocean…

Ballooning at the North Pole

Ballooning at the North Pole


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