Dec 182011

After visiting Antarctica last December, I met my first travel goal of setting foot on every continent.  I live in North America and have traveled to Italy (Europe), Ecuador and Chile(South America), Mongolia and South Korea (Asia), New Zealand and Sydney (Oceania), and Egypt (Africa).  I love to travel and therefore needed a new travel goal!

I have two new ones.  My first one is to plunge into all the oceans of the world!  While this sounds difficult, it’s not because there are only five oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Southern, and Indian.  I’ve seen the number of seas listed as any number between 85 and 115.  Wow, that one is much more daunting.  I’m sticking with oceans.  Three down (Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern), two to go!  Next post, I’ll talk about travel goal #2.

Gypsy Cove

Trip Pic: Gypsy Cove on the Falkland Islands



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