Oct 202011

Nothing beats a great pickle.  Be it on a burger, next to your favorite man-wich, or in your Bloody Mary.  I have recently discovered Wickles Pickles.  The name is catchy and it almost sounds obscene.  Couldn’t ask for more!

I normally like generic pickles.  Nothing fancy, no secret recipes, no weird obscure tastes.  Just plain cafeteria pickles!  Now, I had a Wickles spear in a Bloody Mary and several slices on my burger.  (I’m at Benchwarmers, an awesome pub that plays loud country music and has the friendliest employees in all of Wisconsin!)

The folks at Wickles use a seventy-year old family recipe that will knock your socks off.  They are sweet, spicy, and have a flavor unlike all other brined cucurbits!  While I don’t officially pimp any products unless I’ve been offered tons of money, I highly recommend Googling the product and getting yourself some!  They are worth it!


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